Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment for Children (age Six)

Some of the most direct results of age-six interceptive orthodontic early treatment for children are:

  • Creates room for crowded, erupting teeth by expanding the upper and lower jaws (usually with no soreness at all)
  • Creates facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth. Yes, Dr. Fox can make the lower jaw grow forward (to correct upper teeth that stick out because the lower jaw is receded), or the upper jaw grow forward (to correct bulldog bites), and avoid jaw surgery if done at age six. At age nine or older, it may be too late for the jaws to respond to Dr Fox’s techniques.
  • Reduces the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth from a sports ball hitting them or wrestling around at home or on the playground
  • Preserves space for unerupted teeth, especially when baby teeth fall out earlier than expected or some get extracted due to decay
  • Reduces the need for tooth removal in the teen years, and braces to give a full and wide smile
  • Cuts orthodontic treatment time with braces in the teenage years

When Dr. Fox, the five-star-rated orthodontist, can evaluate your child’s mouth by age six, that gives him the time to perform orthodontic treatment so your child will have braces for the shortest amount of time possible during his or her teen years, to achieve a beautiful result and smart investment.

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We encourage our patients to bring their younger siblings to join this program so the ultimate starting time for proper orthodontic treatment can be assessed by our orthodontist, Dr. Fox.