Thumb Sucking Intervention

Help Break Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit

At Fox Braces & Invisalign®, Dr. Fox is an Expert for thumb sucking cases. He has written a book titled Stop Thumb Suck Revolution found online:


Can be purchased at:

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Thumb sucking can cause your child’s teeth and bite to shift. Dr. Fox will be able to help improve your son or daughter’s smile and also help break the thumb-sucking habit once and for all!

The first visit for thumb sucking should be at age three. Children must not suck their thumb or finger at this age because it starts to cause damage to the teeth and bone structures.

Dr. Fox is a true thumbsuck expert. He has stopped more than 380 children within a week or less without any devices or hypnosis. He has even written a book that sold to mothers throughout the world for them to stop their own child.

Not only does Dr. Fox know how to stop this damaging habit, he’s an Expert on how to correct the actual damage, starting at age six with certain devices to avoid having jaw surgery and the teenage years as well as braces. These devices not only can widen the mouth, but get the jaws to grow correctly at age six again, before all the permanent teeth emerge at age nine or ten.

Do not wait too long, or you as a parent will find the problem has become permanent and requires jaw surgery, and very costly when it all could have been avoided. Schedule an appointment for your three-year-old thumb sucker today.