Giving You the Best Smile!

Your smile is your calling card: it opens doors, forges connections, and sets others at ease. When you know your teeth are beautifully straight and healthy, your self-esteem and confidence are visible to all. If you’re ready for an incredible smile, one that ensures your personality shines, Fox Braces & Invisalign® is here to help!

Dr. Donald Fox specializes in early interventional orthodontics, starting at age six for most patients, and is highly skilled in creating radiant smiles for adults with complex issues, too.

No matter your age or clinical concerns, Dr. Fox can give you the beautiful smile you deserve: comfortably, efficiently, and affordably!

What’s Different About Our Practice?

  • Dr. Fox is an award-winning orthodontist, researcher, and inventor. He has treated more than 19,000 patients, and helped each to achieve their most incredible smile using braces and Invisalign clear aligner therapy.
  • Additionally, Dr. Fox is an expert in addressing the issues of thumb sucking and pacifier habits, and the author of the book Stop Thumb Suck Revolution. He is also the inventor of the first Light-Cured Permanent Retainer.
  • His focus on early orthodontic treatment is key to the successful outcomes for his younger patients. By addressing issues related to teeth location and the size, shape, and width of the jaw while children are developing, Dr. Fox is able to fix areas of concern, which means less correction is needed later.
  • Dr. Fox is also highly experienced at treating difficult cases in adult patients. Using clear aligner therapy, as well as clear braces, he is able to help adults with challenging issues develop incredible smiles — and, in many cases, he’s able to accelerate treatment and deliver those results in one to two years!
  • We want to make your braces and orthodontic treatment as quick and easy as possible, which is why we offer same-day braces!
  • At Fox Braces & Invisalign, your retainers are included in your orthodontic treatment fee!
  • We want to make sure that paying the balance for your braces and orthodontic treatment is as simple and easy as possible, so we offer several flexible and affordable payment options for braces and orthodontics. There are options to do no down payments.

Schedule Your Fox Smile Assessment

Today is the perfect day to learn more about the exceptional orthodontic care we offer, and how Dr. Fox can help you or your child achieve a life-changing smile! Please contact us and schedule a complimentary Fox Smile Assessment: you’ll receive an office tour, exam, photos, X-rays, consultation, a new patient gift — and, best of all — a plan to get you to the incredible smile you desire!

We have six family-friendly orthodontic offices to serve you, in Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise, Davie, Hollywood Beach, and Lighthouse Point.

There’s never been a better time to start transforming your life by transforming your smile. Call and schedule your assessment with Dr. Fox today!